Garden Treasures Ragdoll Kitten adoption fees:

Traditional - $750 and up

Mink - $750 and up

Non-refundable deposit to reserve kitten - $150

Delivery Options Available

We take Paypal for your convenience!

Seal Bicolor Mink Female - Talisa $750 Reserved by Mike

Seal Bicolor Mink Male - Teddy $750 Reserved by Kristen

Seal Mitted Mink Male - Simba $750 Reserved by Amanda

Seal Mitted MInk Female - Maiya $750 Reserved by Mike

Seal Point Mink Female - Ariel $750 Reserved by Kayla & Lexie

Seal Bicolor Male - Jasper $750 Reserved by Amelia

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Seal Bicolor Mink Male - Theo $750 Reserved by Leigh

Seal Bicolor Traditional Female - Elsa $750 Reserved by Cynthia

Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

Seal Point Mink Female - Mulan $750 Reserved by DaShonna