Garden Treasures Ragdoll Kitten adoption fees:

Traditional - $650 and up

Mink - $750 and up

Non-refundable deposit to reserve kitten - $150

Delivery Options Available

We take Paypal for your convenience!

Seal Point Mink Male - Luke $750

White Traditional Female - Snow $850

Seal Point Mink Female - Khalee $750 Reserved by Shari

Seal Point Mink Male -Chewbacca $750 Reserved by Celio

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Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

Seal Point Mink Male - Oscar $750  Reserved by Angel

Seal Mitted Mink Female - Irina $750 Reserved by Shari

Seal Bicolor Mink Male - Yoda $750 Reserved by Tia

Seal Mitted Mink Male - Hans $750 Reserved bt Celio