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My Mom (Charlotte) & I have been dedicated to the Ragdoll breed Since 1994 ~  We are here to stay!   We absolutely adore Ragdoll cats and we're excited to share our passion for this wonderful breed!  No other breed of cat has so much to offer: an endearing loyal and loving temperament, beauty and easy care.  No wonder the Ragdoll is the most popular breed of cat today! 

We work hard to carefully breed for exceptional quality TICA and CFA registered Ragdolls including temperament, health and beautiful looks.  Additionally it’s important to us that kittens are raised in a loving and healthy environment.  For this reason we have chosen to remain as a selective breeder rather than a mass production breeder even as through the years the popularity and demand for Ragdolls has grown immensely.  We have had the privilege and pleasure of meeting some wonderful people that share our passion for Ragdoll cats.  We look forward to many more years and invite you to contact us if you are interested in a Garden Treasure Ragdoll kitten.  We may have the kitten that you’ll be proud to own!!! 

Although Ragdolls were hardly heard of around 1994 when we recognized the Ragdoll as having all the traits of a wonderful cat and a perfect fit for our busy lives.  They would follow us around from room to room like dogs, flop in our laps after we’ve had long day of work, and their coats didn’t require the high maintenance as other breeds.  Our family grew up learning to appreciate the special gifts of life that can result from planning, taking action, and continued dedication.  Our philosophy is no different with our Ragdolls.  We believe in studying pedigrees, a healthy environment, and spending quality time with our kittens.  We believe in breeder integrity and strive to ensure that all of our kittens get not only the best start but the best forever homes they deserve.  We can’t help but smile when we see our beautiful bright eyed Ragdoll kittens pouncing and purring as they gently nuzzle their way into our laps.  We watch with great satisfaction as our kittens grow up to be so beautiful and we are proud to know how they have enriched peoples’ lives worldwide.  We are here to continue sharing our passion for Ragdolls and we only hope that everyone has the chance to appreciate special things in life on such a level. 

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