Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

​UPDATED (08/18/2022)

Call or text 501 410-2890.  Delivery available to Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida

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Q.  How do I make a deposit?

Easy!  We take Paypal, Venmo or Zell for your convenience.  Once a deposit is made we will announce your reservation of your Ragdoll kitten on our website and this kitten will no longer be available.  As always you can email us anytime!  ourgardentreasures@yahoo.com

Q.  How much do you require to hold a kitten?

Non-refundable deposit for a kitten is $200 with the balance due just before or during pickup of your kitten.

Q.  Do you offer delivery/shipping?

Yes and this will depend on your location.  We travel frequently and offer a delivery service to many areas.  (such areas include but are not limited to Dallas, Austin, and Houston, Texas; New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Little Rock, Arkansas, Memphis, Tennessee, etc.)  We can ship or arrange delivery to other areas as well.

Q.  When can my new Ragdoll kitten come home with me?

In general kittens must be a minimum of 10 weeks.  However, depending on maturation, weather, new owner experience, etc. some kittens will need to be 12 weeks prior to going to their new homes.

Q.  Does Garden Treasures guarantee the health of their Ragdoll kittens?

Absolutely!  All reputable breeders should!  Your kitten’s physical and mental health is our top priority.  We will ask you questions and guide you with settling in your new baby Ragdoll kitten.  You’ll receive an adoption agreement form guaranteeing the health of your kitten and a new kitten adoption FAQ guide when you get your kitten.  Additionally we will always be available by email or phone for questions.

Q.  Why should I choose a Garden Treasures Ragdoll?

If you value integrity and are looking for an ethical breeder then you have found us.  Unlike backyard breeders, our Ragdolls are not just our pets, they were handpicked for the pedigrees, physical traits, dispositions, and come from other reputable and responsible breeders.  Additionally we believe top notch care of Ragdolls is not just a requirement for us but is a pleasure.  Our Ragdolls are never overbred as many kitten factories.  We believe this is unethical.  We raise both physically and mentally healthy Ragdolls that you’ll be proud to own.

Q.  Do you breed tea cup or mini Ragdolls?

No.  There is no such thing as a tea cup or mini Ragdoll.  If a breeder is offering this then you might want to question whether or not you are dealing with a con artist.

Q.  Do Ragdolls shed?  Are they hypoallergenic?

Yes, Ragdolls shed although most shed less than other breeds.  This is because they typically do not have the profuse undercoat.  For this reason, their coats do not matt.  They have a soft rabbit like fur that is very pleasant to pet and most shedding is seasonal.  A Ragdoll is a cat and so if you are allergic to cats you will likely be allergic to a Ragdoll cat.  Because they don’t typically shed as profusely there are some people that say they don’t have allergy issues owning a Ragdoll.  Although this may be true I do not claim that any Ragdoll is a hypoallergenic pet!!

Q.  Are your Ragdoll kittens TICA or CFA registered?

Our adults are registered.  Registration with a reputable breed registry such as TICA or CFA is important for several reasons.  First it is a sign(although it doesn’t guarantee) that the breeder is striving to breed a quality kitten.  This is important because if you are getting a true Ragdoll you want it to have the personality and beauty of a Ragdoll.  If you don’t want the Ragdoll temperament etc., please consider adopting a kitten from a shelter.  Because you are risking disappointment on so many levels when getting Ragdoll from a backyard breeder that doesn’t care to register their Ragdolls.  How do they know what they are breeding and how they are related?  Will your kitten be the result of a brother-sister breeding?  And what health issues will result from this?  Are the kittens really Ragdolls?  You frequently hear stories of people getting ripped off and only later realize that the kitten is not even a Ragdoll.  Kittens adopted as pets are provided TICA registration upon spay/neuter.  

Q.  How much and what should I feed my Ragdoll kitten?

We typically free feed our kittens – that is we leave food and water out at all times.  We feed Diamond Naturals Active and Iams Kitten food.  We believe our kittens do very well on this food.  However we recognize that in some parts of the world you may not have access to high quality brands such as Natural Balance.  In this case we ask that you coordinate with your veterinarian to ensure a properly balanced diet.  For example, sufficient protein is important but too much protein can strain the kidneys. Or not enough or too much fiber can cause digestive distress.  We also include more detailed information in our “Bringing Your Kitten Home” FAQ that you will receive.

Q.  What about vaccinations?

Vaccinations are important for all kittens including indoor only kittens like Ragdolls.  Your kitten will have its first age appropriate vaccines.  It is up to you as the new owner to take your kitten to your veterinarian to get any additional vaccines.  Following your veterinarian’s advice is important.  Please note that we do not recommend the FIP vaccine as it is not necessarily effective and can have some undesirable reactions.

Q.  Can I let my new Ragdoll kitten go outside?

No!  Ragdolls are strictly indoor pets for several reasons.  Ragdolls have a trusting disposition and want to “make friends”.  This can get them in big trouble with predators such as dogs and wildlife.  Not to even mention exposing them to disease!Some people do have enclosed patios that are cat proof and this would be an exception.  However make sure that not only your Ragdoll can’t get out but that other cats and predators can’t get in!!!

Q.  Will my new  Ragdoll kitten change color?

Traditional Ragdolls typically don’t get all of the color pigment until they are around 2 years old.  So as they grow they will change in appearance and they will get more color!  Solid Color Ragdolls typically already have most of their color and their markings are apparent as baby kittens.  Mink/Sepia Ragdolls have a lot of color as babies but still show more color as they age similar to traditional Ragdolls.

Q.  Do you offer stud service?

No, we are a closed cattery.  We don’t risk bringing in outside cats into our home in order to ensure the best health in our cats.

Q.  How does your waiting list work?

We get this question often!  When kittens are born we begin taking deposits on a first come first serve basis. We do not do a traditional waiting list like many other breeders.  We feel this gives everyone equal opportunity for kittens.  It’s really about who is ready to move forward and commit first.

Q.  What exotic colors do you have?

We mainly breed traditional colors – seal, blue, chocolate, lilac.  However we do have minks/sepias as well – seal, blue and lilac. 

Q.  How much do you charge to adopt a Ragdoll kitten?

Ragdoll Kitten prices vary according to pedigree, color, sex, breeding/showing options.  Generally speaking prices range from $850 - $1800. For pet homes adoption charges are the lowest.

Q.  I’m thinking about breeding but I want to buy a pet.  Can I adopt a pet and still get breeding rights?

No.  Garden Treasures Ragdolls strives to maintain the integrity and safety of our cats.  We only allow breeding rights to go to established catteries that are registered with a reputable registry such as TICA or CFA.  However we do encourage people who are sincerely passionate about the Ragdoll breed and are new to the world of Ragdolls.  So if you are really interested in the Ragdoll breed and breeding please call us.


** If you are interested in one of our Ragdoll babies please contact us.  However please serious inquiries only.  If you do not plan on giving one of our babies a forever home please do not contact us.  It is our desire to spend as much quality time with our Ragdolls and their new owners.  Our babies deserve all the love and attention in the world, and they give so much more back by being beautiful and loving companions.  **

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